A Community-Led Effort to Develop La Gonave

Our Mission

Rasin Devlopman’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of community leaders and locally elected officials on the island of La Gonave so that they are better equipped to manage their own development and improve quality of life on the island.

Our goal is to help the leaders of La Gonave turn the island into a hub of successful community-led development and an example for the world.



About La Gonave

La Gonâve is Haiti’s largest island (286.9 mi²). It is located to the west-northwest of Port-au-Prince, in the Gulf of Gonâve, and is part of Haiti’s Ouest Department. It is home to approximately 100,000 residents, which is a larger population than the majority of the territories and nations that make up the Caribbean. The island faces significant challenges: a major lack of infrastructure, a weak private sector, and very little attention from the national government, but it also has huge potential. 

Collectively, Rasin Devlopman and its US-based partner organization Roots of Development have more than thirteen years of experience working on La Gonâve.

To learn more about La Gonave, watch the video below or click here.

Our Approach to Development

Our approach requires that communities choose, build, manage, and maintain their own projects. Communities lead their own development efforts using local knowledge and local resources. We support the process by providing networking and capacity-building opportunities, connecting communities to strategic partners, and investing in community-led projects.


Rasin Devlopman provides community leaders and locally elected officials with formal capacity-building workshops and trainings on subjects such as leadership, community-driven development, organizational and financial management, and project planning and implementation. The leaders we work with are exposed to diverse examples of leadership and help each other solve problems and find needed resources. We build networks of leaders and help facilitate communication and coordination between them. 



Rasin Devlopman provides local leaders and elected officials with the financial and material resources they need to complete community-led projects. We provide technical support and key partners to help local leaders carry out diverse initiatives that improve quality of life on the island. These projects have included the construction of clean water facilities and new homes, the installation of  solar energy and solar lighting systems, and the opening of small business enterprises that have created jobs and brought revenue to communities. 


The Impact

With Rasin Devlopman’s support, a large network of active community leaders has been organized on the island. With an ongoing commitment to strengthening their leadership skills and increasing their capacity, these leaders are bringing basic services and new infrastructure to their communities.


Who We Are