Who We Are

Rasin Devlopman is a Haitian organization.

Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of local leaders on the island of La Gonâve so that they are better equipped to manage their own development and improve quality of life on the island.

We are turning La Gonâve into a hub of successful community-led development projects and helping its leaders make the island an example for others. 

Development Without Dependency.

What makes Rasin different?

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or nonprofits exist to provide aid to communities in need. While helpful at times, far too often the way organizations provide that aid leaves those communities dependent on outside directives and leadership. This dynamic of dependency prevents local ownership over development efforts and comprimises the sustainability of those efforts.

Rasin Devlopman
 helps communities strengthen the skills and acquire the resources they need to lead and manage their own development.

Our Approach

Our History

Rasin Devlopman was founded in 2017 to make the work of Rasin’s U.S. partner – Roots of Development – more local and more sustainable. After almost 10 years of supporting community development activities in the 3rd communal section of La Gonâve (Gran Sous), Roots of Development handed over leadership of its programs in Haiti to Rasin Devlopman. Rasin, with its entirely Haitian staff, set up its office in Anse-à-Galets, La Gonâve’s largest town, and began working with local leaders and elected officials from all eleven communal sections and supporting community development efforts across the island. 

Meet the Rasin Team